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NSERC COVID-19 Grant Awarded!

I am pleased to announce that NSERC has funded our project developing upgraded face shields for enhanced COVID-19 protection, in partnership with PRE Labs Inc. Great job Drs. Pillai and Zhao on putting together an excellent application. We will be investigating how coatings can allow face shields to be disinfected with water alone, and not very frequently! By partnering with PRE Labs, who currently manufacture > 1000 face shields per day, our innovations can start helping Canadians as soon as possible!

Earlier story about our collaboration

PRE Labs Inc.

NSERC’s COVID-19 Call for Proposals

New Publication!

Behrooz’s work on making any substrate highly liquid repellent is published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces! His artwork was also selected as a Supplementary Cover image! Check out Design and High-Resolution Characterization of Silicon Wafer-like Omniphobic Liquid Layers Applicable to Any Substrate. His coatings were so good we had to come up with a more accurate characterization technique just to evaluate them, not too bad.

Anti-fogging quick fix

Doing what we can!

Doing what we can to help battle COVID

With research halted, sometimes it feels a little disheartening that we cannot do more towards the fight against COVID-19. Luckily, with friends around town, sometimes it’s just a matter of connecting the right people!

IDEaS Component 1a Awarded!

Something like nine months ago, the DND posted their  upcoming  challenges for the next round of the IDEaS funding competition. One quizzically named challenge was, “Breaking the ice – ground solutions for removing frozen contaminants from aircraft“, which sparked the interest of Dr. Zarifi’s MEAS Lab and the OPERA Lab. We decided that detecting ice accretion on aircraft was the first step in its removal, something that is woefully behind the technology the ice sits upon.

Ben, Kiana, and the two PIs went into the lab and developed a robust and real-time ice/snow/frost detector high high sensitivity and the ability to be embedded on a planar wing. We published this work late last year, and soon after the official challenge was released. Jump to April 2020 and we’ve been awarded a Component 1a Competitive Project on the topic! Congratulations all and it will be an exciting 6-month endeavour that started in our hearts, minds, and labs over a year ago.

IDEaS Component 1b officially awarded!

Our collaborative project with Dr. Zarifi and PRE Labs Inc. has been officially awarded an IDEaS Competitive Projects Component 1b for Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR) Hazard Detection and Planning. We are developing the next generation of personal protective ensembles that can simultaneously protect and detect wearers from hazardous solids, liquids, and gases. More information on the $1M, 12-month project can be found here.

More information on PRE Labs Inc.

Dr. Zarifi’s research group

Paper paper

Dr. Zhao‘s work on non-fluorinated omniphobic paper is published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. We (humans) are getting one step closer to eliminating the need for perfluoro-carbons in our daily lives. Great work Xiaoxiao and Arif!

Non-fluorinated Omniphobic Paper with Ultra-low Contact Angle Hysteresis

Kamran becomes a PhD candidate!

Kamran successfully passed his candidacy and proposal defence with flying colours. Congratulations Kamran!

Holiday Curling Contest

The OPERA Lab challenged Dr. Zarifi’s MEAS Lab to a curling contest for the holidays. There was brushing, bruising, and lots of laughing by all. A re-match is guaranteed for 2020, and perhaps next year we’ll keep score!

Dr. Pillai joins OPERA as the Cluster Coordinator

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Anu Pillai to the OPERA Lab. Dr. Pillai will be coordinating our Eminence Fund Cluster in Comfort Enabling Technologies, as well as overseeing the project developing antimicrobial fabrics. We are very glad to have you Anu!