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Journal Articles

Cohesive zone analysis of cylindrical ice adhesion: Determining whether interfacial toughness or strength controls fracture*K. A. Zarasvand, *M. Mohseni, K. Golovin
*Equal author contribution
Cold Regions Science and Technology
Oleophobic textiles with embedded liquid and vapor hazard detection using differential planar microwave resonatorsB. D. Wiltshire, K. Mirshahidi, A. V. Nadaraja, S. Shabanian, R. Hajiraissi, M. H. Zarifi, K. GolovinJournal of Hazardous Materials
Turbulent Skin Friction Reduction through the Application of Superhydrophobic Coatings to a Towed Submerged SUBOFF BodyJ. W. Gose,K. Golovin, M. Boban, B. Tobelmann,E. Callison, J. Barros, M. P. Schultz, A. Tuteja, M. Perlin, S. L. CeccioJournal of Ship Research
Modified Microwave Sensor with a Patterned Ground Heater for Detection and Prevention of Ice AccumulationR. Kozak, B. D. Wiltshire, M. A. R. Khandoker, K. Golovin, M. H. ZarifiACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Statistical Heuristic Wettability Analysis of Randomly Textured SurfacesM. A. R. Khandoker, K. GolovinLangmuir
Anisotropy-induced directional self-transportation of low surface tension liquids: a reviewM. Soltani, K. GolovinRSC Advances
A high throughput tensile ice adhesion measurement system*K. Mirshahidi, *K. A. Zarasvand, W. Luo, K. Golovin
*Equal first-author contribution
Kirigami enabled microwave resonator arrays for wireless, flexible, passive strain sensingZ. A. Dijvejin, K. K. Kazemi, K. A. Zarasvand, M. H. Zarifi, K. GolovinACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Rational design of perfluorocarbon-free oleophobic textilesS. Shabanian, B. Khatir, A. Nisar, K. GolovinNature Sustainability
Design and High-Resolution Characterization of Silicon Wafer-like Omniphobic Liquid Layers Applicable to Any SubstrateB. Khatir, S. Shabanian, K. GolovinACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Gold Coplanar Waveguide Resonator Integrated with a Microfluidic Channel for Aqueous Dielectric DetectionS. Mohammadi, B. Wiltshire, M. C. Jain, A. V. Nadaraja, A. Clements, K. Golovin, D. J. Roberts, T. Johnson, I. Foulds, M. H. ZarifiIEEE Sensors Journal
Non-fluorinated Omniphobic Paper with Ultra-low Contact Angle HysteresisX. Zhao, M. A. R. Khandoker, K. GolovinACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Polyether ether ketone surface modification with plasma and gelatin for enhancing cell attachmentM. M. Omrani, H. Kumar, M. G. A. Mohamed, K. Golovin, A. S. Milani, A. Hadjizadeh, K. KimJournal of Biomedical Materials Research
Robust and Sensitive Frost and Ice Detection via Planar Microwave Resonator SensorB. Wiltshire, K. Mirshahidi, K. Golovin, M. H. ZarifiSensors & Actuators B. Chemical
Low–interfacial toughness materials for effective large-scale deicingK. Golovin, A. Dhyani, M. Thouless, A. TutejaScience
Influence of textural statistics on drag reduction by scalable, randomly rough superhydrophobic surfaces in turbulent flowA. Rajappan, K. Golovin, B. Tobelmann, V. Pillutla, Abhijeet, W. Choi, A. Tuteja, G. H. McKinleyPhysics of Fluids
Characterization of Superhydrophobic Surfaces for Drag Reduction in Turbulent FlowJ. Gose, K. Golovin, M. Boban, J. M. Mabry, A. Tuteja, M. Perlin, S. L. CeccioJournal of Fluid Mechanics
Smooth, All-Solid, Low-Hysteresis, Omniphobic Surfaces with Enhanced Mechanical DurabilityM. Boban, K. Golovin, B. Tobelmann, O. Gupte, J. M. Mabry, A. TutejaACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
A predictive framework for the design and fabrication of icephobic polymersK. Golovin and A. TutejaScience Advances
Designing Self-Healing Superhydrophobic Surfaces with Exceptional Mechanical DurabilityK. Golovin, M. Boban, J. M. Mabry and A. TutejaACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Effects of extreme transverse deformation on the strength of UHMWPE single filaments for ballistic applicationsK. Golovin and S. L PhoenixJournal of Materials Science
High resolution velocity measurement in the inner part of turbulent boundary layers over super-hydrophobic surfacesH. Ling, S. Srinivasan, K. Golovin, A. Tuteja, G. McKinley and J. KatzJournal of Fluid Mechanics
Bio-Inspired Surfaces for Turbulent Drag ReductionK. Golovin, J. W. Gose, M. Perlin, S. L. Ceccio and A. TutejaPhilosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A
Designing Durable Icephobic SurfacesK. Golovin, S. P. R. Kobaku, E. T. DiLoreto, J. M. Mabry, and A. TutejaScience Advances
2015 and Prior
Transparent, Flexible, Superomniphobic Surfaces with Ultra-Low Contact Angle HysteresisK. Golovin, D. H. Lee, J. M. Mabry and A. TutejaAngewandte Chemie
Comparison of Elastic Moduli of Porous Cordierite by Flexure and Dynamic Test MethodsR. J. Stafford, K. Golovin, A. Dickinson, T. R. Watkins, A. Shyam and E. Lara-CurzioCeramic Engineering and Science Proceedings

Conference Papers

On the Development of Self-Sensing Textile Preforms using Fused Deposition Modelling: A Preliminary Investigation of Process ParametersC. Keegan, B. Khatir, M. A R. Khandoker, K. Golovin, A. S. Milani11th Canadian-International Conference on Composites (CANCOM2019), Kelowna, BC (2019)
In-line optical characterization enabled through a new, robust coating that prevents fouling by bitumenN. N. Nata, B. Khatir, and K. GolovinSuncor Academic Forum on Transformational Technology for Energy Systems, Calgary, AB (2018)
Laser Doppler Velocimetry Measurements of A Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow over Sprayed Superhydrophobic SurfacesJ. W. Gose, K. Golovin, J. M. Bario, M. P. Schultz, A. Tuteja, M. Perlin, and S. L. Ceccio10th International Symposium on Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena (TSFP10), Chicago, USA (2017)
Experimental Investigation of Turbulent Skin-Friction Drag Reduction Along Superhydrophobic MaterialsJ. W. Gose, K. Golovin, A. Tuteja, S. L. Ceccio and M. Perlin31st Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics, Monterey, USA (2016)
Flow Structure and Turbulence in the Inner Part of Turbulent Boundary Layers over Super-Hydrophobic SurfacesH. Ling, S. Srinivasan, K. Golovin, V. Pillutla, A. Singh, G. McKinley, A. Tuteja, W. Choi and J. Katz31st Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics, Monterey, USA (2016)
Use of Vision-Based Methods for Measurement of Mechanical Properties of Exhaust CatalystsA. P. Dickinson, P. J. Gloeckner, R. J. Stafford and K. GolovinExperimental and Applied Mechanics, Volume 4: Proceedings of the 2012 Annual Conference on Experimental and Applied Mechanics, 165–171, Philadelphia, USA (2012)