Each year we spend two weeks inviting high school students to learn about the research happening at UBC Okanagan. It’s like a summer camp but with research. It’s called the DiscoverE program and it’s just too much fun! In 2018 the students figured out why the back of kale is difficult to get wet, and then used their newfound understanding to make fabrics that could repel chocolate syrup. Some of the fabrication methodologies were quite unique! In 2019 the students measured ice adhesion on non-stick cookware and figured out how to improve on the current technology!


Let the chocolate syrup racing begin!

Eagerly watching the race (no betting, we promise)

About to cross the finish line…

A winner is declared! Team HKHM ends up beating out Bohemian Rhapsody, but only by a drop!


Dr. Golovin interacts personally with all the high school students during the session of “material engineering”

Often the students pick up the fundamentals quite quickly!