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Engrained in Science

The texture of roughened surfaces can be critical to their properties. Here a roughened Al surface is shown under SEM, which was used to reduce drag under turbulent flow. False coloured. Image courtesy of Dr. K. Golovin.

Autumn POSS

Here PDMS micro-pillars were sprayed with a blend of F-POSS and PDMS (see our publication on these type of surfaces). The resultant surfaces are superomniphobic. False coloured. Image courtesy of Dr. K. Golovin. University of Michigan Materials Science & Engineering calendar winning image, 2013.


When PDMS micro-pillars are sprayed with liquid PDMS resin, they will spontaneously come together and form complex structures. This image was a finalist in the Science as Art competition for the Materials Research Society 2014 annual meeting. False coloured. Image courtesy of Dr. K. Golovin.