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NPU visiting students

NPU visiting students

UBCO had the pleasure of hosting 30 students from Northwestern Polytechnic University in Xi’an, China. Six students were interested in the OPERA lab and spent a few weeks  getting a taste of OPERA research. A great experience overall and we hope to see them soon here as graduate students!

Dr. Zhao joins OPERA

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Xiaoxiao Zhao from LSU. Dr. Zhao brings us his expertise on superhydrophobic surface development and microfluidics. Welcome to the group!

New Publication!

Kiana and Ben’s publication on a new type of ice sensor is published in Sensors & Actuators B. Chemical! These new sensors offer a precise and sensitive method for tracking ice buildup on surfaces like airplane wings or engines. Awesome work! Check it out here.

DiscoverE 2019 is a hit!

We hosted high school students once again for a day of Materials Engineering, as part of the DiscoverE program. Once again the students developed superhydrophobic fabrics capable of repelling chocolate syrup. A day of excitement, fun, and learning was had by all. I hope to see many of those faces in my classes in the […]

Reeghan joins OPERA

Reeghan Osmond is the latest member to join OPERA, from BCIT. Welcome Reeghan!

ISMA 2019

ISMA 2019

Dr. Golovin and Kamran attended the inaugural International Symposium on Materials for Anti-Icing, hosted by NTNU in Trondheim, Norway. An excellent two-day gathering of some of the top minds in anti-icing materials!

Dr. Mohseni joins OPERA

Dr. Majid Mohseni is the lastest member of  the OPERA group, coming to us from France. Welcome Majid!


LIT Research

Behrooz proving to be the group artist once again! (Science publication)  

Kick-off connection

Kick-off connection

During the kick-off of COMFORTS, the BC Dragoons decided to roll up onto campus. Roozbeh was on top of things!

LIT Media Coverage

Our work on LIT materials was featured on Global News!